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How your adoption helps

Breed for Release Programs

Taronga has released over 55,000 critically endangered animals back to the wild, including species such as the Greater Bilby, Regent Honeyeater, Plains Wandererer, the Chuditch and more. The breed for release program ensures these species survive and thrive in the wild.

Conservation Partnerships

Taronga is proud to be part of a regional conservation management plan for Sumatran Tigers including breeding, research, fundraising and community action to support sustainably produced palm oil. Taronga’s involvement in the International Conservation Insurance Breeding Program is carefully monitored to ensure the species are managed with high genetic diversity, to provide a healthy and viable insurance population for the future.

Conservation Science & Research

From observing individual animals to studying whole species, habitats and ecosystems, Taronga’s scientists and wildlife managers make pioneering discoveries each and every day. Our scientific team works collaboratively on programs that assess and maximise genetic diversity in zoo-based and wild populations, and in CryoDiversity Banks of priority cells and tissues, to promote population resilience and the capacity of a species to adapt to change. ​

Wildlife Hospital

The teams at Taronga's Wildlife Hospitals in Sydney and Dubbo take care of and rehabilitate 1,500 injured or orphaned wildlife each year. The work of the Hospital teams focus on the rescuing, rehabilitating, recovering and rewilding animals every day.

We proudly Acknowledge the Cammeraigal (Taronga Zoo, Sydney) and Wiradjuri (Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo) people, their Country, spirit and traditions as customary owners of the lands upon which our Zoos stand.